About US

Ziglite Health Care Products

         Incorporated in 2018, we work with our partners to bring their products to the local market and overseas markets.. Mainly engaged in the management of anti-virus, fresh air, health care products, the main customers are sells online markets and institutions, such as clinics, homes for the elderly and patients at home.

        We are committed to the development of excellent health care products, dedicated to the needs of our customers, Strive to provide customers with superior quality and stable performance of health care products.

          We specialize in a wide range of products,   including: UVC, anti-virus and fresh air, incontinence care, mobility aids, decompression supplies... supplies, etc.


       於2018年成立,我們與合作夥伴一起把他們的產品推向本地及海外市場。以經營抗病毒及空氣清新,康護用品為主,主要網上銷售市埸及機構客戶為主,如 診所,安老院及家居病人等。


     我們專營的產品種類繁多,包括:UVC 抗病毒及抗病毒空氣清新,失禁護理,助行用品,減壓用品...用品等。